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Mission (English)

  1. The priority of Academia Oportunidad will be the well-being of the individual beyond their academic excellence. It is our willingness to incorporate the individual, academics, and family.

  2.  Academia Oportunidad will dedicate itself to the development of the unique talent of the individual, be it in sports, music, literature, graphic-arts, theatre, science, mathematics, etc.

  3. The individual will be developed in an environment where ethical and moral values prevail. It shall be to the point where he/she will be able to distinguish between right and wrong and become an incorruptible person.

  4. Academia Oportunidad also expects that its graduates will be leaders and service-oriented towards their country for life no matter where they establish their lives across the world later on.

  5. Academia Oportunidad will not discriminate against anyone’s sex, race, religious beliefs, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

  6. Academia Oportunidad will develop the individual with a curriculum that is academically robust and modern, with an emphasis on educational technologies.

  7. Academia Oportunidad will do all that is possible to help its graduates to continue a college education and graduate studies.

  8.  Academia Oportunidad has the expectation that the relationship between the individual and the academy will be for life.